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Beamtek International Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2009, initially focused on the application of X-rays in the industrial and medical fields, specializing in the development of X-ray related equipment and components. Nowadays, it has independently developed X-ray cameras, synchronous radiation and X-ray beryllium windows, AOI visual imaging systems,PCB inspection machines, Hole AOI, laser heat treatment equipment and other related equipment and components. It is an innovative company that takes into account optics, mechanics, and electronic control technology and quality. 

Main products developed and sold: 

  1. SMT X-ray inspection equipment.
  2. PCB X-ray inspection equipment.
  3. PCB inspection machines, Hole AOI.
  4. Synchronous radiation and X-ray beryllium windows.
  5. Laser heat treatment equipment.
  6. Sale and maintenance of related equipment components.

Contact : Vincent Chang / 張先生

TEL       : 02 29565550 / +886 925599203

Email    :beamtek@hotmail.com

Beryllium Window 

nOur main products include beryllium foil to steel brazing,
nBeryllium to oxygen-free copper brazing,
nX ray transmission target design,
nSapphire to metal brazing,
nCeramics to metal brazing
nAnd detector window
nDesign and full solutions. 

 Beamtek Beryllium Window For Synchrotron Radiation

▪   Vacuum-tight windows can be used to isolate an ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) synchrotron beamline from the equipment of an experimenter operating in a non-UHV environment. A thin beryllium plate mounted on a vacuum flange can be used as a high transmission window/filter for experimenters using synchrotron radiation in the X-ray region.



Beamtek Beryllium Window
    ▪High transmissivity to x-rays.
High melting point.
High thermal conductivity.
Low electrical resistivity.
Very low specific heat at cryogenic temperatures.
Very high specific heat at normal and elevated temperatures.
Very low neutron capture cross section.

Technical pecifications
  • Window material
  • The beryllium foil is the vacuum tight IF-1 type, purity of 99.8% beryllium assay minimum by specification.
  • The flanges and the tubes are 304L stainless steel.
  • The cooling plate is OFHC copper. 
  • Surface finishes
  • The Beryllium foil is 0.1um Ra polished finish or better on both side surfaces. 
  • Windows fabrication tolerances
  • All beryllium window dimensions carry a ±0.5 mm linear and ±0.5° angular tolerance. 
  • Cleaning
  • All cleaning processes of the beryllium windows shall meet UHV requirements. 
  • Leak testing on both side of the window flanges
  • The beryllium windows are leak tested using helium mass spectrometer to no leak greater than 2×10 -10 mbar‧l/s leak rate.
  • Operating Conditions
  • Vacuum range:< 2×10-10 Torr
  • Temperature range:10℃ to 150℃ 
  • Vacuum brazing and diffusion bond
  • ALL vacuum tight joints on the assemblies are made by vacuum braze or diffusion bond and are guaranteed bake able to 450°C.

Multi-window Water-Cooled Beryllium Window

Multi-channel Water-Cooled Beryllium Window

All Beryllium Window



Customized Beryllium Window

Services: SMT X-ray ,PCB X-ray,Hole AOI,beryllium windows,Laser heat treatment , maintenance